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Why wait until you have a problem like the above example when you can fit stylish uPVC fascias soffits and guttering now.

This will eliminate maintenance problems and give a whole new look to your property at a price you an afford. We have a wide range of colours in our fascia boards, soffits and guttering including wood grain effect fascias.

No more leaks, no more drips.

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Whatever your fascia board and soffit, Redline UPVC has the guttering to match.

Choices include white, black, or brown in any of these three styles:

  • Half round style
  • Deep flow gutter
  • Ogee style guttering
  • Square-line guttering

When your style of guttering is different to your neighbour’s, we will provide fittings to connect the guttering, so for example we can connect square-line to half round. This even applies to different styles of gutter downpipe.

Larger roofs may need t be fitted with deep flow guttering. Which has a deep elliptical shape that handles an impressive capacity of rainwater, this is a good solution for our increasingly wet British weather!

When we work on your guttering we always make sure to dispose of your old guttering and downpipes for you.
Advantages and disadvantages of a gutter guard

Having gutter guards can stop gutters from clogging with water, leaves and debris. They can also prevent stagnant water from pooling in your gutters and minimise the frequency of gutter cleaning. There are also many heating gutters that are accessible I the market, they can heat small areas and even the entire gutter. Gutter guards are sometimes more expensive than hiring a company to clean your gutters. Not every gutter guard on the market is equally effective, you need to make sure you do proper research before purchasing.
Gutter maintenance advice

Regular gutter maintenance can delay or prevent repair or replacement in the future, while also saving you money. You should check your gutters regularly to make sure its clear from blockages, especially during winter or any months with heavy rainfall. This is even more important if your house is surrounded by trees that will drop dead foliage onto the gutter, as this will quickly block it. It’s suggested that you clean and clear your gutters twice a year or more if there are trees or plants overhanging your roof.
Blocked gutters

When a gutter becomes blocked it can make water pool at the bottom of the house, this will saturate the soil and lead to rising damp problems. This is when moisture moves up through the floors, bricks and walls of your house. It can cause significant damage to the structure of your home. Water can also pool near the roof which can cause problems with damp. Blocked gutters can also result in water running down the side of the home, making the mold and moss grow on the exterior of the building. Any moss or grass that is growing within the gutter will also require removing in order to ensure the gutter is working efficiently. You need to check the reminder of the guttering for leaks, joints between pieces of guttering must be securely fastened and tight. If you have metal guttering it needs to be repainted around every five years to prevent rusting which can be unsightly. In one- and two-story buildings, the gutters can be reached with a ladder and occasionally with scaffolding. Debris can be removed from the gutters by using a trowel, but you should wear gardening gloves to prevent splinters and blisters, or any other injuries.
Gutter repair & maintenance advice

If you fix minor issues when they arise they will be more cost effective than having a major repair done later down the line. You can fix minor leaks with gutter sealant, but these don’t usually last long. If there are many of these leaks can go through the guttering. It’s best to replace the gutters if this is the case.

Slope: The guttering needs to constantly have 1:40 slope to the outlet to ensure proper drainage. Support brackets may need to be adjusted to ensure this requirement is met.
Guttering Materials: guttering is manufactured from many different materials, such as PVCu, cast iron, aluminium, zinc, lead, steel, copper and more. The material from your gutters are made out of will decide the best methods for repair, as well as influencing the cost of the repairs.

Sagging: If your gutters are sagging then extra support is needed so the length is fully supported and fits to the walls. These supports are commonly attached to the fascia boards, and if it’s broke, uneven or rotted, they might need to be replaced.

PVCu guttering: This type of guttering tends to develop leaks at the joints due to perishing of the rubberised gaskets that are used to join the lengths. It’s also susceptible to wear and tear from the ladders leaned against it and to warping and sagging caused by insufficient support, or possibly broken gutter brackets.

In addition to this, period homes might already be fitter with older metal guttering that could be matched when being replaced or repaired. The PVCu is the most commonly used material for guttering. Unlike other metal guttering used in the past PVCu guttering won’t corrode or rust. It’s also cheaper and lighter than the older metal gutters.

Aesthetics: A lot of conservation officers recommend cast iron or cast aluminium guttering, which is in keeping with the period fittings of older houses. This is lighter than cast iron and more resistant to corrosion. It is still similar in appearance. Zink, extruded aluminium and stainless steel are also available for a more modern look.

Downpipes: If you’ve cleared your gutters of all debris and repaired any defects, but you find your gutters are still leaking, it could be necessary to install new downpipes. In terraced houses, there is usually an insufficient number of downpipes to start off with. The ideal amount of downpipes is one per three small terraced houses, although one or two is even better.

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